Monash Health Translation Precinct

MHTP harnesses the combined research talents and innovation of more than 400 scientific and clinical staff engaged in basic and clinical research with more than 200 postgraduate students.

MHTP attracts internationally recognised researchers, clinicians and collaborators to engage in research and innovative clinical practice development aligned to social needs and clinical insights.

MHTP is made up of the following partners:

  • Southern Health - Victoria's largest public health service providing uniquely integrated care across the entire lifespan
  • Prince Henry’s Institute - World leaders in the field of endocrinology, the study of hormones
  • Monash Institute of Medical Research - Leaders in stem cell, infection, immunity and cancer research
  • Monash University - Australia’s largest university with an international reputation for innovative health research
MHTP aims
  • To develop the precinct’s capacity for world-leading innovative translational research
  • To identify new opportunities for the translation of research into advances in healthcare
  • To improve the health and well being of the population
  • To encourage collaboration and partnerships between clinicians and researchers
  • To optimise productive interactions between MHTP partners and external stakeholders
  • To increase efficiency in the utilisation of shared resources and cutting edge platform technologies