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Australian New Zealand Clinical Trials Registry

Australian New Zealand Clinical Trials Registry

The Australian New Zealand Clinical Trials Registry has been established at the NHMRC Clinical Trials Centre, University of Sydney, with funding from the Australian National Health and Medical Research Council (NHMRC) and New Zealand Health Research Council.

The Australian New Zealand Clinical Trials Registry(ANZCTR) is an online register of clinical trials being undertaken in Australia, New Zealand and elsewhere. The ANZCTR includes trials from the full spectrum of therapeutic areas of pharmaceuticals, surgical procedures, preventive measures, lifestyle, devices, treatment and rehabilitation strategies and complementary therapies. In 2007 the ANZCTR was one of the first three trial registries to be recognised by the World Health Organisation International Clinical Trials Registry Platform (WHO ICTRP) as a Primary Registry.

WHO recognises registries as Primary Registries if they fulfil certain criteria with respect to data content, quality and validity, accessibility, unique identification, technical capacity and administration. The ANZCTR contributes data to the WHO ICTRP, which was developed in 2007. Trials from all ICTRP Primary Registries can be searched at:

Cancer Trials Australia

cancer-trials-au-logoCancer Trials Australia (CTA) is a clinical trial network spread across multiple sites. CTA provides a fully comprehensive oncology clinical trials service that includes the conduct of single or multisite clinical trials, ethics submissions, research governance and clinical development advisory services. CTA’s strength lies in the collective technical and intellectual expertise of its members and the sharing of their resources.

CTA’s current members are:


Every day that a potential new medicine spends in development translates to significant loss of revenue and loss of competitive advantage for the company involved. Australia’s unique regulatory environment together with CTA’s efficient management structure means that it is possible to receive approval to initiate a new trial in 60 days from submission of data.

Nucleus Network Australia

Nucleus Network Australia

Nucleus Network is Australia’s leading clinical research organisation specialising in the conduct of Early Phase Clinical Trials. Theorganisation services Pharmaceutical, Biotechnology Companies and Research Organisations with a dedicated, purpose built, clinical trial facility for testing of experimental medications on both healthy volunteers and patient populations.

As the industry leader, Nucleus Network follows strict adherence to the highest standards of clinical research, conducted in accordance with international regulatory requirements and expectations and is committed to best practice industry-wide. Nucleus Network comprises of:


Nucleus Network is a wholly owned by the Baker IDI Heart and Diabetes Institute The organisation is structured as an independent company limited by guarantee with an independent board.