Southern Health Tissue Bank


MMC Clayton
246 Clayton Road
Clayton, Vic, 3168 

Phone: +61 3 9594 1634 or 9928 8645

The Victorian Cancer Biobank (VCB) is a not for profit consortium of Tissue Banks, supported by the Cancer Council Victoria and the Victorian Government.
Researchers from both within and outside Australia can apply to the Biobank for biospecimens and  associated clinical data. As an initial step, it is important for the  researchers to get their project approved by Human Research Ethics Committee at their host institution.

Tissue Bank at Southern Health

The Tissue Bank at Southern Health collects, stores, processes and distributes tissue samples for research. Routine surgical samples from various tumour streams along with blood and serum are collected. There are also project specific collections of Biospecimens for approved applications. The operation of the tissue bank is a collaborative effort with enormous support  from the surgeons, researchers and pathologists at Southern Health.

On a day-to-day basis, the Southern Health Tissue Bank runs under the guidance of a Management Committee chaired by Dr Beena Kumar and  the Tissue Bank Manager Zdenka Prodanovic. Our dedicated staff make a valuable contribution to the successful operation of the Southern Health node of VCB.

Services provided:

  • Collection and storage of fresh and formain fixed tissue
  • Provision of tissue in OCT blocks
  • Collection and storage of plasma and serum
  • Creation of Tissue MicroArray  ( TMA) from formalin fixed paraffin embedded material
  • Aperio digital imaging facility
  • Interpretation of H&E and Immunohistochemistry stained sections for the researchers