Monash Biomedical Imaging Facility


Building 220,770 Blackburn Rd,
Monash University

Clayton, Vic, 3168

Phone: +61 (3) 9902 9752

The Monash Biomedical Imaging (MBI) facilities are a Monash University led consortium of hospitals and research organisations that facilitate and accommodate interdisciplinary and multi-modal (PET, SPECT, x-ray, CT and MRI) imaging research.

This includes pre-clinical and clinical collaborations among world-class experts in medicine, science and engineering, in concert with industry and government, to create innovative solutions to clinical health challenges. Our collaborating organisations include:

MBI at 770 Blackburn Road, Clayton is housed in a 5000m2 building with dedicated space for imaging research infrastructure. Monash has entered into a strategic R&D alliance with Siemens Australia and recently procured advanced human MRI scanning and preclinical PET scanning equipment from Siemens.

Monash has also developed a R&D collaboration with Agilent Technologies, which is one of the world’s leading advanced biotechnology companies and provider of preclinical MRI scanning equipment.