Victorian Cancer Performance Monitoring Framework (VCPMF) Phase II pilot project invites feedback

Phase II of the development of a Victorian cancer performance monitoring framework for evaluating the quality and outcomes of cancer care is well underway and is now inviting feedback from data users at the health services and integrated cancer services.

Phase I of the project involved an extensive indicator development process and the initial capability testing of a suite of state-wide measures.

The Phase II pilot commenced in July 2016 with the aim to pilot the ‘use’ of cancer performance and outcome information for quality improvement.

Phase II involved collating 2013 data for an initial suite of pilot indicators. Results from 2013 were disseminated in December 2016. This was the first step to developing the systematic reporting, analysis and use of cancer data across Victoria.

Additional data for 2014 and 2015 was due in February 2017.

Dr Peter Briggs, VCMPF Phase II Chair

Dr Peter Briggs, VCMPF Phase II Chair

Dr Peter Briggs,  Clinical Director of the Southern Melbourne Integrated Cancer Service (SMICS) and Head of the Medical Oncology Unit at Monash Health is leading the VCPMF Phase II Pilot.

“We are inviting feedback from the ‘users’ of the cancer performance indicator results for the 2013 data as part of the project’s piloting process” said Dr Briggs.

“If you have personally engaged with the results, or have been formally involved in the analysis of data at an ICS or health service level, we would like your feedback”.

Participate in the “Use of Information” survey to offer your feedback or read the latest VCPMF newsletter for further information about the project.

The Victorian Cancer Performance Monitoring Framework (VCPMF) is a joint initiative of the Victorian Integrated Cancer Services, and the Department of Health and Human Services.