The long and the short of It – a resource for Laryngectomy patients

Laryngectomy Resource Folder

Laryngectomy Resource Folder

After being approached by consumers and The Laryngectomy Association Victoria about a lack of consistent and reliable information for Laryngectomy patients and their families and carers, SMICS and Monash Health partnered to develop a resource which could be routinely used across the southern Melbourne region and beyond.

A diverse group of consumers and representatives from various health services across Melbourne was convened to develop a comprehensive package of three modules designed to be distributed to patients at various points throughout their treatment.

Presented in an A5 ring binder, the package is deliberately generic allowing use and if desired personalisation by all interested health services across Victoria. Similarly, through the provision of additional pages, which can be readily inserted into the folder, the resource can be tailored for individual patients.

Currently being trialled at several sites, initial feedback about the package from patients and clinicians is positive. If you are interested in participating in the trial please contact SMICS on 9928 8541.or