New SMICS Dashboard Streamlines Reporting of ICS Audit Data

The Southern Melbourne Integrated Cancer Service (SMICS) has created a new dashboard, using MS Excel, to simplify and standardise the process of reporting Integrated Cancer Service (ICS) Cancer Service Performance Indicator (CSPI) results.

The Victorian CSPI program was established to measure progress with the implementation of Victorian Government cancer reform policy, and promotes the timely collection, analysis and reporting of patient data across all ICS.

Four key priorities for reform have been identified as the focus for service improvement at the ICS and state-wide levels:

  • multidisciplinary care
  • care coordination across the cancer care pathway
  • supportive care
  • reducing unwarranted variation in practice.

The four priority areas are integrally linked to each other and initiatives may impact across priority areas.

The SMICS Excel dashboard provides a tool to report audit data associated with the four priority areas, using a suite of graphs which can be manipulated by selecting different filter variables.

Audit data is available to support cancer improvement and monitoring at SMICS partner health services, including Alfred Health, Monash Health and Peninsula Health and currently the dashboard covers audit periods 2011-2015.

SMICS Dashboard

SMICS Dashboard

The four cancer service performance indicators displayed in the SMICS Excel dashboard are:

  • Documented evidence of multidisciplinary team recommendations
  • Documented evidence of disease staging in the multidisciplinary team recommendations
  • Documented evidence of communication of initial treatment plan to GP
  • Documented evidence of supportive care screening.

For more information about the SMICS dashboard, contact Chamaree Jasintha, SMICS Project Officer at or phone 9928 8100.