MPCCC welcomes first Professor Director of Oncology, Alfred Health and Monash University


Prof Mark Shackleton

MPCCC is delighted to welcome Professor Mark Shackleton to the newly created joint role of Director of Oncology at Alfred Health and Professor of Oncology in the Department of Medicine, Monash University.  He commenced the position in August 2017. 

After training in medical oncology and at the Ludwig Institute in Melbourne, Prof Shackleton undertook PhD studies at the Walter and Eliza Hall Institute of Medical Research and post-doctoral work at the University of Michigan, USA, with resultant publications in Nature, Cell, Cancer Cell and the New England Journal of Medicine. He was awarded the 2006 Victorian Premier’s Award for Medical Research, a 2010 NHMRC Achievement Award, a 2011 Pfizer Australia Fellowship, and in 2012 received the Australian Science Minister’s Prize for Life Scientist of the YearMost recently a Medical Oncologist and Head of the Cancer Development and Treatment Laboratory at the Peter MacCallum Cancer Centre, Prof Shackleton’s main clinical interests are centred on patients diagnosed with skin cancer, including melanoma. His research interests include cancer biology, developmental biology, oncogenic signaling pathways and clinical trials.
“It’s a tremendous privilege, honour and opportunity to take over the reins of Oncology at Alfred Health, which under the venerable leadership of Professor Max Schwartz was a pioneer in solid cancer management in Australia and is a clinical and academic leader in so many areas”, said Prof Shackleton.
“I am also excited to continue building my cancer research program, availing exceptional resources, capabilities and personnel across the Monash University axis of hospitals and research institutes. As advances in medicine, including cancer, increasingly rely on large scale collaborations, I also look forward to reaching out to colleagues ‘across the river’, in and beyond the Parkville biomedical precinct that I called home for many years. Such networks are cornerstones of a healthy, vibrant and innovative Victoria, and important for the growth and success of Monash biomedical research” he said.