MPCCC Strategic Plan 2017 – 2021

Mstrat-plan-imagePCCC consulted our stakeholders extensively in the development of our 2017 – 2021 strategic plan, which enabled us to re-confirm our vision, mission, values and philosophy, and prioritise the activities that will be the focus the MPCCC’s collaborative programs over the next four years.  Whilst this was quite challenging across a community that is as expansive as ours, the process helped to consolidate our regional opportunities, and will create clarity and unity moving forward.

MPCCC’s collaborative networks and partnerships will support shared platforms for innovative pre-clinical research, identify and address gaps in clinical research and service delivery, facilitate the translation of research into quality clinical care, and use robust and relevant data to measure progress and inform future priorities.

Three inter-related strategic platforms have been prioritised, including:

  1. Using data as a foundation for high-quality cancer care
  2. Improving cancer outcomes through innovative research (with an initial focus on precision medicine), and
  3. Increasing service capacity to address patient needs through innovative shared care models


With the completion of the plan our clinical and research teams are more engaged than ever, and this holds great promise for the future of cancer improvement.  The challenge for MPCCC will be to sustain this momentum and energy whilst we seek funding to implement the plan.  MPCCC’s relationship with our partner organisations and State government will be key to achieving this goal.

For further detail refer to the  MPCCC-Strategic-Plan 2017 – 2021