MPCCC plans for the future of cancer care and research



MPCCC strategic planning workshop 7 February

MPCCC is working to deliver a five-year strategic plan that will consolidate our partner’s cancer priorities and drive MPCCC’s future activities in advancing cancer care and research across our region.

The role of MPCCC is to enhance collaborative opportunities between researchers and clinicians and between partner organisations in order to improve cancer care and outcomes for patients.

The strategic plan will identify where MPCCC can lead, facilitate and link the work undertaken by our partner organisations, and will seek to leverage opportunities provided through government and Monash Partners Academic Health Science Centre.

“An integrated approach to cancer research and service priorities will come from strong leadership united by a common goal for the future”, said Sue Williams, MPCCC Chair and CEO of Peninsula Health.

“It’s important this plan is agreed by all MPCCC participants so that we can really make it work” she said.

Over the past several months MPCCC has been consulting extensively with our partner organisations and stakeholders. It has convened dedicated focus groups at partner sites, distributed an online questionnaire and hosted a workshop which was held in early February.

Cancer patients have been a critical component of these consultations.

“Our patients are at the centre of everything we do, and first and foremost we want to be sure that we are addressing their needs” said Peter Briggs, Clinical Director.

“For example, MPCCC will be working to expand our relationships with cancer services across rural and regional Victoria so that we can help more patients access a comprehensive clinical network of subspecialists and surgeons” he said.

Facilitating cancer research will be fundamental to the MPCCC plan.

“Research is the basis from which all clinical improvements are made”, said Prof Gail Risbridger, MPCCC’s Research Director.

“Our definition is broad and encompasses research in all its capacities including biological, translational, clinical, health service, population health and epidemiological research”, she said.

The plan is to be developed by Healthcare Management Advisors (HMA), an experienced management consulting firm specialising in the health, human services and biotechnology sectors.


Carmel Kellaher receives $100 voucher

Carmel Kelleher receives $100 voucher

MPCCC would like to thank everyone who has contributed to the development of our strategic plan, and especially Carmel Kelleher, who won a $100 David Jones voucher for completing MPCCC’s strategic planning e-questionnaire.