MPCCC announces recipients of the MPCCC Research Grant

Thanks to a funding partnership with Monash Partners and the Victorian Cancer Agency, MPCCC is pleased to announce that we will be supporting two very worthy research projects, with the award of the MPCCC Research Grant.

The MPCCC Research Grant was designed to encourage research collaboration across MPCCC sites and to aid in the delivery of the research objectives from the Victorian Cancer Plan 2016 – 2020. The grants have been awarded following a competitive and independently reviewed process.

MPCCC Research Director Prof Gail Risbridger said “Key to the MPCCC is our role in facilitating research cooperation.  This was a once-off opportunity and we really wanted it to support as many of our researchers as possible.”

“The grants that have awarded funding are truly collaborative and will address important clinical needs using robust research methodologies” she said.



Dr Daniel Croag

Introducing Precision chemotherapy in pancreatic cancer: a phase 2 study of Panitumumab in KRAS wild-type pancreatic cancer  ($184,000.00)
Chief Investigator: Dr Daniel Croagh, HPB surgeon and Interventional Endoscopist, Upper GI and HPB Surgery, Monash Health

This project proposes that by using genomic sequencing of routinely obtained pancreatic cancer biopsies, it will be possible to select a small group of pancreatic cancer patients (KRAS wild-type) who potentially stand to gain substantial benefit from treatment with an EGRF inhibitor (panitumumab).

“There is a desperate need for better systemic treatments for pancreatic cancer and we are thrilled to be able to continue this research with the help of MPCCC”, said Dr Daniel Croag, HPB surgeon at Monash Health.




Dr Luciano Martelotto

Dr Luciano Martelotto

The PRECISE assay: Personalised medicine for cancer patients using next generation sequencing ($116,000.00)
Chief investigator: Dr Luciano Martelotto, Senior Research Fellow, Department of Medicine, Monash University

This project proposes to develop and implement a comprehensive, sensitive and rapid gene sequencing diagnostic test to allow physicians to quickly find out whether a patient’s cancer carries clinically important mutations. Critically this tumour genetic profile would enable cancer specialists to personalise treatment by matching individual patients with therapies they are most likely to benefit from.

“Our research will facilitate improved access to clinical trials for cancer patients treated at MPCCC and beyond and we are very excited to have this opportunity”, Dr Luciano Martelotto, Senior Research Fellow at Monash University’s Department of Medicine said.