MHTP facility delivers growth in early phase drug trials for Monash Health patients

Monash Health Early Phase Drug Trials team

Monash Health Early Phase Drug Trials team

Twelve months after the first cancer patient was treated in the new Monash Health Translation Precinct (MHTP) and Phase I Oncology Clinical Trials at Monash Health are booming.

Based in the start-of-the-art clinical trials floor of the Monash Health Translation Precinct the clinical trials unit includes 21 treatment chairs and 8 overnight beds for trial patients.

This exceptional facility has resulted in greater efficiency for staff and trial-related processes and procedures, greater comfort for patients and has been praised by representatives of the pharmaceutical industry.

Dr Ben Markman, Head of the Oncology Phase I Trial unit said “Moving from Monash Health’s Moorabbin campus to Clayton in late 2015 has allowed a greater number of patients to be enrolled onto a greater number of trials”.

“We will have 24 active trials in early phase open by the end of Q1 2017” he said.

“Our expanding portfolio of early phase and translational studies available to patients with solid tumours includes a variety of pharmaceuticals including immunotherapeutic agents, targeted therapies, innovative cytotoxic compounds, and compounds with novel mechanisms-of-action”, said Dr  Markman

Cheryl-Ann Hawkins, Operations Manager of the Oncology trial centre said “We collaborate with both small biotech as well as big pharma, and also participate in investigator initiated trials. Patients have been recruited from across Melbourne, regional centres in Victoria as well as interstate locations”.

“Ultimately, our growth has allowed more patients to access promising new anti-cancer therapies via our clinical trials program” she said.

There are four dedicated clinical trial coordinators and two clinical trial assistants who work alongside the research nurses from the clinical floor ensuring optimal patient care and protocol requirements are met.  There is also a dedicated scientist who oversees the processing of central pathology samples and tumours.

You can contact the head of the Phase 1 Clinical Trials Group Ben Markman at  for referrals or the Operations Manager Cheryl-Ann Hawkins at or phone 03 8572 2788.