DHHS to Pilot Collection of Patient Reported Outcome Measures

The Victorian Department of Health and Human Services has announced that it will pilot the collection of Patient Reported Outcome Measures (PROMs) from health services and hospitals from 1 July 2017.

PROMs are data obtained from structured surveys of patients about their assessment of their health outcomes. They differ from data obtained from patient experience surveys which focus on patient views and satisfaction of healthcare services. PROMs convey information about patients’ assessment of their health and their health-related quality of life. They are particularly useful for telling us about a patient’s health outcomes that are best known to the patient, best measured from the patient’s perspective, or where a clinician is not present.

This initiative provides an opportunity for the department, hospitals and clinicians to work together.

  • Clinicians can use PROMs to measure and compare the outcomes of their health-care practices and identify and implement best practice models of care.
  • Hospital administrators can use PROMs to measure and report the quality and patient safety of their services.
  • PROMs give patients a voice in determining what healthcare is important to them.

To implement the pilot collection, the department has released a consultation paper. The paper provides the community an opportunity to contribute to the design of the pilot and the subsequent roll out of the program.

  • Written submissions can be submitted to: proms@dhhs.vic.gov.au
  • Due date for written submissions is 28th October 2016.

Consultation forums are scheduled in the week beginning Monday 17th October 2016.

Details on how to register for one of the forums and to prepare a submission are given in the consultation paper.

Further information: Email: proms@dhhs.vic.gov.au