Breast Cancer Survivorship Project

Recently, Monash Health led the Breast Cancer Survivorship Clinic project, to further develop the clinic’s facilities, patient resources and help improve access to better care.

The Breast Cancer Survivorship Clinic is a nurse-led clinic to facilitate transition from end of treatment to ongoing health and wellbeing.  The clinic aims to address quality of life issues such as emotional, physical, practical, social, and women’s health (menopause, sexuality, fertility) concerns.

The project team undertook to understand ethnic differences and to take into account social, cultural and linguistic factors in breast cancer survivorship experiences among CALD groups. This enabled Monash Health to develop culturally relevant and linguistically appropriate interventions to improve health-related quality of life for CALD patients.

The project also gave Monash Health the opportunity to:

  • review current data to establish CALD groups in the Monash Health catchment
  • establish strong consumer engagement to ensure needs of diverse groups are met
  • review Information Technology system solutions to identify survivors prior to the end of their treatment and to populate treatment summaries
  • prepare survivors early for what might be expected during survivorship and how to access assistance if problems arise
  • improve access to needs assessments and care coordination following treatment
  • promote the importance of healthy lifestyle behaviours and actively participating in medical follow-up
  • establish and communicate clear roles and responsibilities in survivorship care


For more information download the Breast Cancer Survivorship Clinic Brochure or email or visit