SMICS Statistics

Victorian Cancer Registry (VCR) data

The VCR which is managed by the Cancer Council Victoria (CCV) is used to generate cancer incidence and mortality information. VCR data can be used to identify cancer incidence by tumour stream, and also by area of residence. The most recent data available from the VCR is that from the 2008 calendar year.

Victorian Admitted Episodes Dataset (VAED) data

The VAED is compiled and released by the Victorian Department of Health. SMICS receives an extract of the VAED, which includes cancer related inpatient episodes of care for the state of Victoria.
The VAED can be used to show patterns of activity within hospitals and health services. It is an administrative dataset which includes information about hospital admission and separation (discharge) dates, patient demographics (age, country of birth, preferred language, local government area of residence), details of every disease/condition affecting the patient during each inpatient episode, and every procedure/intervention (operative, radiographic, allied health etc) during each episode of care.
The most recent VAED data available to SMICS is from the 2009 – 2010 financial year.

Recent SMICS statistics