Monash Partners Comprehensive Cancer Consortium

mpccc-logoMPCCC is the Cancer and Blood Disease Theme of the Monash Partners Academic Health Sciences Centre and represents a formal alliance of the Monash Comprehensive Cancer Consortium (MCCC) and the Southern Melbourne Integrated Cancer Services (SMICS). Our partner organisations include Monash University, Hudson Institute of Medical Research, Alfred Health, Monash Health, Peninsula Health and Cabrini.

MPCCC provides a single portal for cancer improvement in southern Melbourne by uniting all the relevant agencies under a single umbrella.

Launched in 2015, MPCCC works collaboratively with our partner organisations to bring a co-ordinated multidisciplinary approach to innovating clinical oncology practices, improving cancer services and delivering the next generation of research for better cancer prevention, early detection and treatment of cancer.


Monash Partners Academic Health Sciences Centre

monash-partners-logoEstablished in 2011, Monash Partners Academic Health Science Centre was created to deliver improved health outcomes to benefit the 2.8 million people living in Melbourne’s south and south east. The founding partners include Monash University, Monash Health, Alfred Health, Cabrini Health, Epworth Healthcare, Baker IDI, Burnet Institute and the Hudson Institute of Medical Research.

Monash Partners is structured around seven Clinical Themes, one of which is the Cancer and Blood Diseases Theme, and three cross cutting Disciplines, linking clusters of specialisation across multiple sites and organisations.

The aim is to integrate research, education and health care and build partnerships to accelerate the pace, scale and impact of research and innovation to deliver tangible health benefit.
Following a strategic planning process, the initiatives current being led by Monash Partners include:

  • Streamlining ethics and governance review across the Partner organisations
  • Accredited Good Clinical Practice (GCP) Training as well as a suite of training for clinical staff to build capacity in research and healthcare improvement
  • Building a culture of clinical research in health services
  • Using data to drive better health outcomes
  • Engaging with and integrating with primary care and community health care and systems improvement


In 2015 Monash Partners was recognised by the National Health and Medical Research Council as one of four Advanced Health Research and Translation Centres in Australia.